Gym Jones Front Squat
IMG_3015John Back Squat

Summer Sport Preparation


Product Description

The summer months are the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming sport seasons once school resumes in the fall. If athletes fail to prepare during this period, they find themselves at a severe disadvantage once camp and two-a-days begin in August. At The Project, we’ve had a number of high school and collegiate athletes prep with us from May to August to put them in better positions to win starting jobs and perform at a high level during the next season of competition. While we want to have as many athletes on site as possible, not everyone lives in St. Louis and can take advantage of our on-site coaching and training. So we decided to launch our Summer Sport Preparation on the website and make it available to everyone, everywhere. The training is adequate for performance in field sports: Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, ETC. This cycle will be the first in three separate plans we will make available, all leading up to camp and two-a-day practices before the season begins officially.