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Functional Mass Gain

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Product Description

Gaining extra muscle mass is great, as long you make it functional and work for you. Over the past 10 years, we’ve had a lot of first hand experience gaining muscle mass for various tasks. We’ve also had many clients who have had to put on muscle mass for a variety of sporting events: football, criterium cycling, fighting, and even some endurance instances where it made sense to increase the size of the engine. But with a bigger engine, you have to be able to carry it efficiently. As a result, we developed this training cycle to help optimize that ability to use the mass once it’s gained. The plan itself features lots of high volume work coupled with plenty of sprinting and “functional” movements to maintain fitness. ย As with any mass gain plan, you’ve got to eat, sleep, and partake in recovery practices such as foam rolling, contrast showers, and easy cardiovascular efforts to recover properly. High volume work is destructive. Make sure you can foot the bill before diving in head first. That being said, this cycle works very, very well for putting on muscle mass.


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