Maximal Strength

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Product Description

We designed this plan for one of our remote clients in Australia. This particular individual was looking to increase his Back/ Front Squat 1RM without gaining a huge amount of bodyweight (5-10#). Increasing the Squat 1RM as well as work capacity can have an abundance of benefits in other areas of the gym.

The month itself utilizes what we call a “Pyramid Hybrid” and includes a lot of squatting. The workload builds as the four weeks progress and should be followed up with a two week deload period after the final week of loading.

Results will vary depending on the individual and existing fitness levels, but we predict a 15-20# increase in Back/ Front Squat totals over the span of a month following a two week deload period.

As with all our plans featured on the website, they are all designed for off-site training.


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