Front Squat Specific

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If you want to get better at something, you should practice it every day. From August into September, I decided to train my Front Squat every single day I was in the gym. When I say train, I mean at the bare minimum work up to a heavy weight. There are a couple of Funky Front Squat supplemental days worked into the mix, but it is largely working up to a heavy single each day to begin each session.

Soreness is guaranteed for the first couple of weeks until the body adapts to the increased work volume.

The plan includes plenty of technique work in terms of the Olympic Lifts and ample Power Endurance.

From a results standpoint, I noticed huge gains in terms of strength endurance between 75-80% of my strength and better confidence executing multiple reps at a heavy weight above 85-90%. The Front Squat is an important component of the Clean and Jerk and generally improving your Front Squat 1RM will help increase the Clean and Jerk top end as well as long as technique is up to snuff. Personally, I increased my Clean & Jerk following this cycle from 265-280# and saw my Snatch 1RM go from 195-210#.


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