Foundation: Explosive Power Sports

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This is a training plan we spent quite a long time developing.  It’s an excellent foundational plan for any athlete competing in power sports such as Football, Rugby, Wrestling, Lifting, Explosive Events on the Track (Sprints/ Long Jump/ Throws), or any other sport that employs lots of strength and power production.  The plan itself is the first in a series of three training plans leading up to a competition cycle.  Our goal is to release one plan in the series each month until they are all live. We used a wide range of sources in the development of this plan including our own experience and education, Quantum Strength & Fitness II, Supertraining, and the Special Strength Training Manual for Coaches by Dr. Verkhoshansky.  Each of these texts had an influence in the scheduling, loading, and structure of the training plan.  After all the hours we’ve put into this, I can truly say it’s one of the best plans we’ve ever put forward.


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